Spoiler Alert!!!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you anything about Star Wars or Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead or Max and Ruby.  This spoiler is TOTALLY about Bobbing for Popcorn!

TOMORROW is our ONE HUNDREDTH POST!!!  1 – 0 – freaking – 0!!!  I’m kind of pumped about it.  When I started this whole thing I thought I’d have a fun little Lenten challenge and tell some goofy stories about my childhood and some social commentary about subjects that wouldn’t necessarily polarize people.  I love talking about quirky things, I love writing, and, above all, I love making people laugh.  I never expected the response I’ve gotten from this little hobby.  I am humbled and psyched simultaneously.

However, TOMORROW will be very different.  And since it’s going to be different, I asked for some help from some very special people.  I’ve talked about the comedy troupe I perform with in past posts and I am fortunate that these fellow performers are in my life all the time.  Anyone who has performed on stage knows that your cast mates turn into a sort of theatre family.  Not these people…they ARE family – we complete each other’s thoughts, we bring out the best (and worst) in each other, and we are together more time offstage than we are onstage.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have all of our troupe involved, but we did gather a healthy helping for tomorrow’s celebratory post.  ALSO, unfortunately, at no time do we explain who these people are, so just to get you ready for tomorrow here’s a bit of a visual aid:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 8.57.18 PM

So get ready for something new.  Be patient, we’re venturing out in unfamiliar territory for your entertainment.  And if you could have a few heavily loaded Tom and Jerrys before checking out tomorrow’s post it would be greatly appreciated.  It is scientifically proven that we get funnier the more you drink.  Mazel Tov!

“I don’t care if the turkey said the dog was a turkey! The dog is not the turkey! The turkey’s the turkey, you turkey!” ~ A Muppet Family Christmas

Bobbing For Strings Of Popcorn?

‘Tis the season to be insanely busy.  Cards to write, shopping to do, presents to wrap, trees to trim, decorations to hang, cookies to bake, eggs to nog…so what better time to relaunch the blog?!  Hey, no worries, I’m done with the cards and I hate eggnog – so that frees up a couple minutes for me.  Plus, I’ve missed you guys…okay, so I don’t know who you guys are exactly, but I’m guessing you’re the kind of people I would miss and that you are wonderful additions to your community and you smell like warm bread and wishes.

I’m trying to work my blog writing into a part of my normal routine but it’s so tough!  And, yes, that was meant to sound as whiney as it looks.  But I seem to do better when I set some sort of finish line for myself.  And this time, I’m aiming for Christmas – which would make Bobbing for Popcorn your own little Advent calendar of mirth!  Instead of opening a door and getting chocolate, you click a link and read some words…okay so that doesn’t sound nearly as rewarding.  Okay, tell you what.  Keep your computer, tablet, or phone in a cupboard with a bag of candy – THEN every day you can open a door, get a chocolate, AND read words!  For my benefit, better make it those little liquor bottle chocolates because most people don’t find me that funny unless they’ve been drinking.  Actually, forget the chocolate, just keep the device you read this on next to a bottle of hard liquor.  Open door, take a shot (repeat as needed), and read.

No matter how you plan on taking this yuletide journey with me, it starts now.  December 1 begins our countdown to Christmas.  First door, first chocolate (shot), first entry.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to cut this first entry short – family holiday goodness awaits in the form of the annual Holiday Parade…take a guess what tomorrow’s entry is going to be about…

“But no matter.  Christmas was on its way!  Lovely, glorious, beautiful Christmas, on which the entire kid year revolved.” ~ A Christmas Story